Rise and Shine: breakfast recipes from Anna Barnett and Nutribix

Since National Work Life week in September, I’ve been reflecting on how I juggle my busy work and home lives. Maintaining this balance means making time to pursue my hobbies, exercise and see friends. Of course, food is also a big factor in my work-life balance: taking a break for lunch, cooking a nutritious dinner and, most importantly, beginning the day with a healthy breakfast. Research shows that breakfast not only provides important vitamins and minerals, but also helps people control their weight, improves cognitive function and boosts energy levels.

Nutribix recipes from Anna BarnettYet James McMaster, CEO of healthy new cereal Nutribix, tells me that 60% of people skip breakfast at least once a week. He believes that this is partly down to tired, uninspiring cereal choices. Described as a “sexy weetabix”, Nutribix aims to shake up our cereal aisles with fashionable, nutritious ingredients and flavours. Think coconut, honey and sorghum. Never heard of it? Me neither. Apparently this “hero grain” is one of the world’s most important cereal crops and is both in antioxidants and gluten free.

Of course, none of this really matters if the cereal doesn’t taste great – luckily it does. My sweet tooth leads me away from the lower sugar, gluten free version towards the Gold and Grains, which contains honey and coconut. As the name suggests, Gold and Grains contains a wider variety of grains – oats, wheat, rye and rice as well as the staple sorghum – to give it a depth of flavour and a lovely crunch. It’s not quite revolutionary, but it is pretty darn good.

Best of all, Nutribix is versatile. Anna Barnett, fashionista and ‘feeder’ turned food writer, has created some new recipes for transforming your cereal into a more varied, interesting breakfast:

  • Nutribix recipes from Anna BarnettGranola – crumble the cereal, add your favourite seeds, nuts and dried fruit, sprinkle liberally with maple syrup, stir and pop in the oven for 10-15 minutes.
  • Smoothie – blend with frozen berries, fresh spinach, dried figs/dates for sweetness and milk of your choice.
  • Winter Warmer – roast seasonal fruit with honey, thyme and black pepper, then serve with the cereal and a mound of thick Greek yogurt.

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